Dental Implants & Surgery 

Bone Graft

This procedure is done to transplant bone to repair diseased or damaged gums. Dental implants are usually fitted in the area. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal

We can present you with a choice of wisdom tooth treatments including the removal. A partially erupted wisdom tooth can cause bacterial infections.

Gum Surgery

We offer periodontal surgeries to treat gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, along with the prevention of damaged tissue.


Dental implants are a permanent solution for anyone who is looking to replace natural teeth in a non-invasive manner.


Dental bridges are designed to fill in gaps. They can be made up of several teeth. Bridges can be either permanent or removable.

Oral Cancer Screening

Our team of professional dentists can perform oral cancer screening to look for signs of cancerous or precancerous conditions.